Are you a Gadget Freak?

I should open an Apple Store
Ben Dodson / / CC BY-NC

As I’m sat here in between work for clients, I realise that I’m surrounded with gadgets.  I have my laptop (on my lap), sat in front of a 42″ widescreen TV and my iPhone and Samsung tablet next to me.

I took an early contract on my mobile phone last week so that I could upgrade to an iPhone 5 from the fiddly Samsung that I had that used to intermittently call friends and family without me realising.

It was a client who suggested that I got the iPhone and I’m really glad I did but do I need my tablet?   The only thing I really use the tablet for now is to play the odd game of Bubble Mania.  I can do anything else on my phone or laptop.

I’ve always liked new things!  I arranged to have the Kindle Fire when that was first released in the UK and loved it but I did hanker after a Google Nexus so decided to sell the Fire.  However, when I got to the store, there were no Nexus’s left so bought the Samsung tablet instead!

I do fear that my obsession with gadget related items is rubbing off on the children.  Although they have a laptop that they share, both the girls have their own tablets and a mobile phone each (not a smartphone I hasten to add).  My youngest can’t look after his belongings properly so, despite his constant nagging, it will be a while before he gets anything like it.

So, are you surrounded by gadgets?  Do you use them all?  Are there any you could do without?

Please share your gadget freakness with me …………