My Mission: To Raise Enough to Train 30 Businesswomen

blackladyI’m a big supporter of Business Women and I was looking for something to support in the fnancial year 2013-2014.  I remember that, a couple of years ago, a friend presented me with her wedding gift list and on that was to pay to train a businesswoman in third world countries.

We are incredibly lucky in the UK in that we have resources open to us to set up our own business and provide for our families.  Other countries are not so lucky and it is a huge passion of mine to be able to support them in any way I can.  My ultimate goal would be to become a missionary but, at the moment, that is out of my reach.

So, this is how I intend to fundraise:

  • £20 of every web development project will be donated direct to the fund
  • 33% of my video service will be donated direct to the fund
  • A fundraising page will be set up (this one) to allow people to donate if they wish to.
  • A N other fundraiser throughout the year

It costs £27 to train one businesswoman.  My aim is to raise enough to train 30 businesswomen in third world countries .. that means raising £810 over the course of the year!!

For further information, take a look at this here

Please click here for a full list of donors and confirmation of Train a Businesswoman purchases made




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raised of a £810.00 goal