Have you considered your personal safety?

personal safetyThe beauty of being a VA (Virtual Assistant) is that, no matter where you are in the world, you can carry out your client’s tasks without having to be within a mile of each other.

However, what happens when the time comes to have a meeting face to face?

A lot of my business is done using telephone, email or Skype and there has been no face to face involvement.  Just recently, 2 male clients requested a face to face meeting to discuss a social media package and further websites.  We had been corresponding for a good couple of months as I had already built a website for them so it’s not like they were calling out of the blue.

I briefly felt uncomfortable with the thought but, having worked with my local City Council for some years as a lone worker, I had already been trained to put steps into place to ensure my own personal safety.  But do you know what to do?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • If possible, make the arrangements for the meet up yourself
  • Arrange a day time meeting
  • Arrange to meet in a public place
  • Visit your pre-arranged place to check out exit routes
  • Do some background checks on your clients
  • Carry a personal attack alarm in your bag.  There are some discreet alarms available these days.
  • Let at least 3 people know the details of your meet (time, venue and names of the clients)
  • Have a message ready on your phone to send as soon as you arrive at your meeting destination
  • Arrange a brief interlude at an agreed time with your 3 people to make a notification of your safety
  • When you have finished your meeting and are safely back in your car, contact each of the 3 people to let them know you have finished and safely on your way home/office etc.

I hope you find these steps useful but if you can think of more, please do leave a comment below.