How Good is your Marketing?


New Marketing StrategyYou’re using social media. You’re getting sales in.  You blog.  But do you know how good your marketing really is?  A few years ago I came across Hubspot when I started out with my  first online business.

However, as they do, time and processes have changed and so Hubspot have developed to take it into account the changing world of social marketing.

They have a very handy marketing tool that is very effective at telling you what you are good at, and what you need to improve upon.

You simply input your website address, click Grade Me and wait a few minutes for it to show you your results.


The grader will produce three funnels:

  • Top Funnel
  • Middle Funnel
  • Analytics

Each funnel will have three actions that you are advised to act on to improve your score.  Mine is currently at 74 and there are a few things I need to work on myself.

To test it yourself, click here

Do come back and let me know your results …..