Outsourcing – When It’s Hard To Let Go

ID-10040530I was chatting to a potential client the other day about their business and that the time has come for them to outsource so they can work 'on' their business instead of 'in' it.

One point that was really poignant during the conversation is how do they let go of their business?

Outsourcing doesn't mean you have to let go of your business.  It just means that you are allowing it to adapt to meet changing needs and if that means seeking outside help then that should be welcomed with open arms.

However, this does not mean it is easy.  You have spent x amount of months (or even years) nurturing your business from its seedling base to where it is now.  Your business may still be at a baby stage and there are some aspects of the business you are not strong in or you have got it to teenager stage (may be a few years down the line) but you need to allow your business to diversify into other areas as you expand.

A good virtual assistant will understand how hard it is to let go and will help you through this change.  How do you know you have found the right VA?

  • Communication is key!  (But not every minute of the day) Your VA will listen to your worries and take all this on board
  • Go with your gut instinct.  That first initial contact (preferably verbally) is the ideal time to gauge how you think you can work with your VA.  If it all seems positive and the feeling is 'right' then go with the flow
  • Dare I say this … but your VA may nag you!!  They are there to help you and take some of the jobs on board that you have hired them for.  If you do not pass those jobs, they will nag (but with compassion)
  • Trust.  It is vital that you build up a trusting relationship.  Trust that your VA knows what they are doing.  Trust that your business is safe and that it is not all going to fall down around your ears the next week.


It is not going to be easy to 'let go' but you don't have to let go full-time. It is only the jobs that you are unable to do at that time.   The business belongs to you and nobody else ….. that will never change.

Please feel free to add anything to this.