Removing the “Page Title” from your WordPress Website.

Remove Page TitleI quite often have people ask me how to remove the page title from their website and indeed, is a question, I often ask of myself when creating a site.

It does not have to be a difficult process and I hope that this handy tutorial will guide you through the process seamlessly.

This is a method I have come across and used a number of times:

Delete Using Page Templates

  • Using your  FTP, go to the theme directory and download and make a copy of the “page.php” file and rename it to something like “page-notitle.php”
  • Open the new file and add to the top of the document the following code to identify it as a template:
    Template Name: Homepage (No Title)

  • Next, scroll through the file until you find the_title() This is the area that displays the page title. Look for a code similar* to below and remove:
<h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
  • Save and Upload your new “page-notitle.php” file to your theme directory.
  • Go back to your WordPress admin area and edit the page you want to remove the title from. On the right hand side under the Publish panel you’ll see Page Attributes > Template;  select the “Homepage (No Title)” option.   Update the page and you’re done.

*This method will not work with ALL themes.  In some cases you may have to go back to your theme author for their assistance.

An Alternative

There may be a time when you want to remove the page title across all your site but need to have additional options when it comes to your page layout i.e, full width page on some content.

The alternative is the following:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance and then Editor
  • Style.css is usually the first file that opens by default.  In the list of files on the right hand side look for page.php
  • Open up this file and scroll until you see:
<h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
  • Delete this piece of code and update your file


  • IMPORTANT!! ALWAYS, ALWAYS take a back up of ANY file you are editing.  I usually copy and paste the complete file and place in an editor just in case something goes wrong.

Do you have any other methods you would like to share?