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WordPress Video Tutorials.

wp-logo1Would you like to know more about WordPress?  Are you looking to start your own personal blog?  Do you want a WordPress site as your main business website?

Do you want to know how to add posts and pages and find out what the difference is?

Would you like to see over 35 videos (including a popular SEO plugin) that can take you right through the basics?




Then sign up to the Video Training Area which will give you access to all this.

WordPress has to be one of the most adaptable Content Management Systems available to use.  There is no need to pay £1000’s for a designer to set you up a site and then charge a fee each time you want to change an image or piece of text.

These videos will show you how to do that AND MORE!

You have 2 options available to you:


Option 1:  Videos and manual only £5 per month* for access as long as you need it.  No minimum period, cancel when you wish**


Option 2: Videos, manual and your own test site.  View and practice as you go along.  Don’t worry if you mess up, it’s just a test site, nobody will see it.  This is at a monthly cost of £7.50*.  No minimum period, cancel when you wish.**

This test site can be transferred to a fully functioning site, with your own domain name, run on my servers.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.


Videos and Manual (£5.00 per month)
Videos, Manual & Test Site (£7.50 per month)




* An invoice will be sent 2 days before the end of each billable month.

** There will be no refunds if cancelled part way through the month


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